Pre Run Panic

Quick Facts: Static stretching prior to sprinting will decrease your performance but has little effect on longer runs. Dynamic...

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Quick Facts: Strength training is crucial to maintaining muscle mass to allow you to keep running as you age. Add in additional recovery...

Post Run Recovery

Quick Facts: 1. A cool down jog after running will not reduce muscle soreness, prevent injury, or reduce muscle damage. 2. General...

Run To Please Your Knees

Running is not associated with acceleration of osteoarthritis in healthy older adults and may in fact, be protective for your knees.

Taming the Belted Beast

While treadmills can be a rare form of mental torture, they will not significantly change your running form.

Adapt to Thrive

As a runner, you are likely overjoyed that you are still able to run during the COVD-19 pandemic. Your running, however, has changed.