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A gait analysis is simply an assessment of your running form. There are many ways to perform this and as a runner, you may have already experienced a few. Employees at specialty running shoe stores will often watch you run to find you your Cinderella slipper, coaches will sometimes pick apart your gait mechanics in order to improve your efficiency, and maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have a physical therapist film you running and watch it with you in slow motion. Not often fun to watch that footage...

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By using gait analysis software I'm able to take specific measurements at crucial points within your gait cycle to determine subtle differences from one side to the other and identify areas of inefficiency and potential harm.

The benefit of having a physical therapist perform your gait analysis is that I don’t just stop there. I perform an assessment to dig deeper into your movement patterns, strength and flexibility, and footwear so that we are able to not just identify your faulty running mechanics, but understand why they are occurring in the first place. Through follow up visits that may include stretching, strengthening, functional training, and most importantly, gait retraining, you will be able to get back to running without pain and with improved form.


Want to know what’s even better than having a gait analysis performed by a physical therapist?
Having a gait analysis performed by a physical therapist who runs. Just as you wouldn’t take a Honda to a Subaru dealership, you don’t want to waste your time with a physical therapist who “just doesn’t get” running. You’ll benefit more from a PT who understands that running isn’t just an activity to keep you fit, but a passion that keeps you sane. A PT who recognizes that shaving off those 14 seconds on your 5K is a worthy goal. A PT who understands the frustration of dealing with your third injury in a single year. A PT who won’t cock her head to the side out of confusion that you need to complete your 100 mile race in under 24 hours so that you get an extra special belt buckle. I’ve been through the injuries, the setbacks, the mistakes, but have also come out on the other side with stories of success and perseverance. You want a PT who understands what you do and the important role that running plays in your life.

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